About Edufoundation

We are an aspiring foundation based in Jakarta, focusing on youth, women and farmer empowerment in Indonesia. We serve everyone regardless of the political, economic, and religious backgrounds.  We believe education and innovation will alleviate problems related to youth, women and farmers.

Our Causes

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Children and Youth Empowerment

Our youth programs aim to provide access to education, safe environment, empowerment program and entrepreneurial training. All of the youth programs is to make sure that all the participant have the chance to fill their full potential and have a positive impact on them, society and the nation
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Women Empowerment

Our women empowerment programs support gender equality that can only be achieved by providing them access to education so they will have the resources to live up to their full potential
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Farmers Empowerment

Farmers in Indonesia are often being marginalized and neglected. We forgot that they have an important role in an attempt to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. By providing them access to empowerment program and the right knowledge we believe they can practice better agriculture and improve their livelihood.
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How can you help?

Be a Sponsor

If yourself or organization is as spirited as us in bringing positive contribution to youth, women, and farmer empowerment, let’s do it together!

We are a team of committed people with examplary skills in program development, project management, and community development. We are your trusted partner in making a change for a better Indonesia.

Be a Volunteer

Any person who is willing to share her knowledge, ideas, skills, time, or friendship is welcome to be part of our programs.



PANDAI Program, a Vital Agenda for Indonesian Farmers

EDU Foundation, along with Allianz Indonesia have organized an array of activities packed into one program called PANDAI (Petani Digital Allianz Indonesia). Living up to its elaborated name, the program PANDAI is holding several

Financial Literacy Programs, A Turning Back Point ...

With the support of Allianz Indonesia, a crucial program to benefit the Indonesian farmers has been implemented. It is

A Smart Farmer With a Smart Cash Flow

Managing finance does not only apply to and affects the longevity of a business or a company, but it is also a task that

Soft Skills Training Program for SMK Graduates

Apparently for SMK (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan) students, finding a job is quite challenging after graduating school.

Continuous Financial Literacy Training Program ...

This continuous training program which aims to increase the basic financial literacy for targeted farmer groups, are
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The Importance of Financial Literacy

Making poor financial choices may have negative consequences on the well-being of an individual. According to OJK

Healthy Cafeteria and Wash-Your-Hands Campaign ...

This training is part of a program called PEDIA (Education and Innovative Program for Children) 2018, a collaboration

Creative Method in Education

In order to improve the Education sector in Indonesia, a collaboration between EDU Foundation, Allianz Indonesia, and

Edukasi Menggunakan Metode Kreatif

Untuk memajukan sektor pendidikan di Indonesia, EDU Foundation, Allianz Indonesia, dan Ilmuwan Muda Indonesia

Training on Building APEs and Reinforcing K13 ...

In order to continue developing a growing country, the most attention should be paid to the education sector. Same goes