A Smart Farmer With a Smart Cash Flow

A Smart Farmer With a Smart Cash Flow

Managing finance does not only apply to and affects the longevity of a business or a company, but it is also a task that is important to tackle for our own personal finance. It is crucial to be applied to every household. That is why the lack of financial literacy in households in Indonesia is a big issue for their own good.

According to data from Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS), the majority of people in Indonesia does not have a financial budget set for their expenses, and they do not have funds for emergency situations reserved for the next three months to an extent that Indonesia has the lowest rank for this.

The farmer group Sumber Arum Jombang

Simulations how to make a household budgeting











To resolve these issues among Indonesian farmers, Allianz Indonesia and EDU Foundation are collaborating by bringing out a program called PANDAI (Petani Digital Allianz Indonesia). This program does not only helping farmers in managing their household and business finance by applying basic finance concepts, but also helping them by giving training on how to adapt to the latest technology in order to market their products digitally.

The PANDAI program has been executed in many cities, one of them is at the city of Jombang, which whom received these pieces of training. As many as 19 people are attending the training, coming from the farmer group Sumber Arum Jombang. Lasting for 2 consecutive days from the 19th-20th of March 2019, the first day of training discusses the materials which are modules and simulations on how to make a household budgeting diagram, and the second day is filled with simulating business games where all participants divided into groups and role-playing.

At the end of the training, 80% of the total participants are now able to construct a household budgeting diagram, and to fully comprehend the steps taken to realizes their own future goals.