Creative Method in Education

Creative Method in Education

In order to improve the Education sector in Indonesia, a collaboration between EDU Foundation, Allianz Indonesia, and Ilmuwan Muda Indonesia is generating a program called PEDIA (Education and Innovative Program for Children). The program is aimed for students in Elementary and Junior High, PAUD tutors, and Junior High teachers.

The program has several projects to be carried out in the span of 1 year, including:

  • Healthy Cafeteria and Wash-Your-Hands Campaign Training
  • Mobile Library and Laboratory using the Allianz Smart Car
  • Anti-Bullying campaign using Stand-Up Comedy as an Assertive Therapy
  • Training on K13 Curriculum Reinforcement and Building APEs for PAUD tutors

Hopefully, PEDIA will be the tool to develop a better generation, and to have a scholastic behavior in children when faced to any situation. As for the teachers, this training will hopefully improve their capability and roles as educator and guiding light for the students. Benefactor of this program almost reaches 3000 people including students, teachers, parents, and cafeteria caretaker from 5 PAUDs, 5 elementary schools, and 5 junior high schools in DKI Jakarta.

Mobile Library and Laboratory (SDN 09 Rawamangun – East Jakarta)

Wash-Your-Hands Campaign Training (SDN 02 Marunda – North Jakarta)

Puji Nurhayat, the Project Manager of PEDIA said, “the PEDIA program which educates with creative methods, has garnered positive feedbacks from benefactors; such as students, parents, teachers, and cafeteria caretakers. I hope this program can continuously be developed and implemented thoroughly in DKI Jakarta and other areas, too.”

Kartika Oktorina, the Managing Director of Ilmuwan Muda Indonesia said, “Ilmuwan Muda Indonesia is very happy to be collaborating with EDU Foundation and Allianz Indonesia in the PEDIA program, especially in the Building Science Themed APEs training and Mobile Laboratory Allianz Smart Car. This program opens doors to a lot of children in learning science with fun educative playing instruments.”