Financial Literacy Programs, A Turning Back Point for Indonesian Farmers

Financial Literacy Programs, A Turning Back Point for Indonesian Farmers

With the support of Allianz Indonesia, a crucial program to benefit the Indonesian farmers has been implemented. It is called the Financial Literacy Program, pushing farmer groups by improving their capabilities to manage their finance as the main agenda.

A few sessions have been carefully planned for one training event, including having the farmers to write an essay on their hopes and purpose in life, a discussion and a game simulation on money management.

Financial Literacy Programs has been held for three farmer groups including Tani Harapan (in Dampit), Manunggaling Karso (in Pasuruan), and Sumber Makmur Abadi (in Pasuruan), from June 24th-30th, 2019. All three of those farmer groups produces organic Arabica and Robusta coffees.

24 people from farmer group Tani Harapan, 20 people from Manunggaling Karso, and 24 people from Sumber Makmur Abadi, made up a total of 68 people, all attended the much-anticipated pieces of training. A few people from Unit Pelaksana Teknis Pertanian also came as representations at the Tani Harapan farmer group training.

Tani Harapan, Desa Amadanom, Kecamatan Dampit, East Java.

Tani Harapan, Desa Amadanom, Kecamatan Dampit, East Java.


The Tani Harapan farmer group is a collective from Desa Amadanom, Kecamatan Dampit, East Java. While also has potentials in livestock farming, the majority of Tani Harapan farmers are depending on agriculture crops as their main income.  On the side, they also earn income through ecotourism for the village called Kebun Kopi Amadanom, which is a form of educating tourism and conservation that the farmer group self-managed. The majority of attendees at the Tani Harapan Financial Literacy training are male aged above 50 years old, with an exception of 4 female attendees.

Manunggaling Karso farmer group is originated from Kecamatan Tutur, East Java, with the product yield is organic Robusta coffee. A little bit of backstory, to increase the selling price for their coffee produce, the farmers changed their picking system from the usual sistem petik partai into a specific technique called the sistem petik merah.

Similar ecotourism also serves as a source of income, called Edukasi Kopi Lereng Gunung Bromo. This agricultural tourism has the purpose of introducing people, may it be locals or foreigners, to their local coffee produce. Potentials are also visible in livestock farming for the people, particularly dairy cows. For the Financial Literacy training there, the age range for the attendees are more varied, some aged 17-25 years old, and the rest are above 50 years old.

 Manunggaling Karso, Kecamatan Tutur, East Java.

Sumber Makmur Abadi, Desa Jatiarjo, Kecamatan Prigen, East Java.


Sumber Makmur Abadi farmer group is from Desa Jatiarjo, Kecamatan Prigen, East Java, located near the tourist spot Taman Safari II Prigen, which is a source of side-incomes for them as workers. A span of 10 years struggling has been passed successfully for these farmers. Starting off independently in fighting for their farming land, up until they are able to collaborate with Perhutani and employed a great amount of manpower.

At the Sumber Makmur Abadi Financial Literacy training, almost all the attendees are young people ranging from 20-30 years old and are almost dominated by males. At the training, particular assistance is given in order to help their lack of ability to calculate production cost for their produce.