Healthy Cafeteria and Wash-Your-Hands Campaign Training

Healthy Cafeteria and Wash-Your-Hands Campaign Training

This training is part of a program called PEDIA (Education and Innovative Program for Children) 2018, a collaboration between EDU Foundation and Allianz Indonesia. Having the main goal being increasing food quality in school cafeterias by maintaining food safety, this training has an indirect impact on the children’s development quality, which whom they will participate in advancing the social economy of a country. Because according to the data acquired by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a $1 investment will return as a $10 investment in the matter of improving children’s food quality. 

Coaching financial literacy for the ibu kantin (SDN 02 Marunda – North Jakarta)

Coaching food safety (SDN 01 Karet Pagi – South Jakarta)











The ‘Ibu Kantin’ (the term used for women who sells food in the cafeteria) will be provided with knowledge on hygiene standards, food safety, and a child’s nutritional needs. As a “food giver” in the cafeteria, these women receiving the training will hopefully be aware of their role in the children’s future, and willing to improve their habit in handling food.

As an addition, volunteers from Allianz Indonesia will get involved directly by coaching financial literacy for the ‘ibu kantin’, female teachers, and student’s parents, with hopes that these women can be a better “finance manager” in their own family. 125 women from 5 areas in Jakarta will be the benefactor of this program.