Organic Aquaculture Workshop

Organic Aquaculture Workshop

As part of EDU Foundation’s youth empowerment program, which is constituted and fully supported by EDU Foundation and Allianz Indonesia, this training is aimed to create superior youths throughout Greol, Mojokerto, East Java. With this training–which is officially named as the Organic Aquaculture-A Youth Inclusion Program, hopefully they will be able to self-contribute, and also able to give towards their community and environment, and eventually became pioneers and envoys for the development of Greol as social entrepreneurs in the future.

Opening Organic Aquaculture Training (Greol, Mojokerto, East Java)

Catfish seeds











Catfish cultivation is chosen in particular, because catfish are well-known and more common among youth, also has good selling points therefore will perform well on sales. Besides training on organic catfish cultivation, these youth will also be given other basic trainings and knowledge, such as digital marketing, basic accounting, business and household financial literacy, and also forms of existing corporates.

The catfish cultivation training will be given by CP Prima, and business and household literacy will be given by volunteers from Allianz. Pondok Baiturochim in Mojokerto will also participate as escorts for the youth throughout training, giving morale support and also providing the land or pond.

25 passionate local youth from Greol will be the benefactors of this program. Each of them will be receiving 5000 catfish seeds, fodder, and pond which will be managed independently by themselves, which will eventually bring out their sense of belonging, discipline and responsibility. All profit and outcomes of the pond will 100% be own by the youth.