“Making Indonesian agriculture a better industry, one farmer at a time”

Digital Marketing, Export, and Financial Literacy Trainings

In this empowerment program, farmers will gain knowledge and skill about digital marketing. The program will be in line with the launch of  An e-commerce for organic farmers to export their products. This program will also include a financial literacy workshop, for better financial management. By being able to export their products and have the capabilities to manage their financial better, we hope farmer will be more prosperous.

Agriculture Scholarship (on progress)

This program will aim youth and or farmers’ children to pursue higher education to study agriculture-related subjects. Because the number of young farmers in Indonesia are keep decreasing. We’re afraid that if there is no regeneration of farmers, Indonesia’s agriculture sector will face an unpleasant future. By giving the scholarships,  we hope there will be new generation of farmers able to practice better agriculture using technology.

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