Women Empowerment

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“The measure of any society is how it treats its women and girls”

– Michelle Obama

Workshop for Early Childhood Education Program Tutors

95% of early childhood education tutors in Indonesia are women. Only 5% of them have are certified teachers. The rest are community-based volunteers, mostly house wives. Many of them don’t get paid or get paid very little. Because they don’t have any teaching certificates or just seen as volunteers. They have the basic knowledge for teaching kids, and with proper education and trainings they will be able to live up to their full potentials as qualified educators.

Girls in Science (on progress)

This program aims girls in rural area. Many parents in rural area still believe that girls should just stay at home. The dream to become a doctor or an astronaut is even more impossible for girls than boys in rural area. We will provide them science class after school, support them with LAB and we hope by the end of the program the will have the self-confident and motivation to pursue studies and careers in science.

Healthy School Cafeteria

Most of the school cafeterias are managed by women, often referred as “Ibu Kantin”. Many of them don’t have the knowledge about sanitation and food safety. They play an important role in providing  healthy food at school for students. By the end of this program we hope the “Ibu Kantin” will be ale to make healthier food for the student and with the entrepreneur skill and financial literacy they will grow their business and have a better income.

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