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“Children are the future of the world, let’s start with the children.”

Mobile Library

Books are the windows to knowledge. Unfortunately Indonesian youth doesn’t love to read. Indonesia is ranked 64th from 70 country in PISA for Reading. Our Mobile Library targeted kids in underprivileged school, whom doesn’t have access to library. By providing them access to books, we hope it will improve their knowledge and increase their will to read. This project start in early 2018 and have reached 2481 student

LAB (Lab in a Box)

Indonesia is ranked 87th from 127 country on Global Innovation index. Indonesia have poor education system and low number of people who studied science. Science is often associated as a  boring, difficult and expensive subject. But with our LAB we encourage students to use recycle goods and everyday object to make science experiments. This can also teach them to love, care and protect the environment. By doing science experiment using our LAB, student will no longer see science as a hard and boring subject. By providing them affordable science kits, we hope more students will have the opportunity to learn and inspired by science. Great science education will increase the number of innovation.


84% Indonesian children aged 12-17 years old have experienced traditional and/or cyber bullying, according to the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs (2017). Our project missions are to decrease the number of bullying and provide support to prevent depression among bully-victims in the targeted communities. This anti-bullying project is called Comedy Buddy, a term in Stand-up comedy that refers to a comedian/comedy writer that helps other comedian in composing his/her comedy act to become better. It is recognized by many mental health experts, that writing and sharing stories (self-expression) are effective ways to encounter depression and aggression. This project will provide assertiveness training by using Stand-up comedy, a hugely popular performing art among youth in Indonesia, as the media.

Mobile Planetarium

Is one of our science collaboration programs with Ilmuwan Muda Indonesia. We use Mobile Planetarium as a tool to introduce science to children. So they will grow their love toward science. This method is effectively proven to ignite children’s interest for science.

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